Your Sales Funnel Is All Wrong, And Here’s Why

When you look at your sales funnel what do you see? Random groupings of customers and vaguely attached business processes? Blocks of prospects you’re hoping to convert? You’re not alone.

Many companies fall into the trap of using the metaphor of ‘the funnel’ to simply group customers and associated business actions. But what if your actions don’t fit that stage? What if your prospects aren’t responding to your sales and marketing efforts?

Understanding your prospect’s intentions at each stage has numerous business benefits for you. Not only will you maximize conversion, you can also plan effectively, identifying where you need to assign extra resource to get the results you need.

Top of the Funnel Activity

While top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) marketing activity has traditionally been left to our B2C cousins, more and more B2B companies are taking on the challenge of attracting prospects using inbound marketing – content marketing, engagement marketing, blogs, SEO, social media, video.

This TOFU stage of the funnel is all about building awareness with your B2B buyer, identifying their needs (not your wants) and introducing your company as a trusted and recognized brand.

Middle of the Funnel Activity

B2B prospects themselves are becoming faster and more independent in their research. Up to 90% of the buying journey is complete before you even know who these prospects are… If your B2B prospects want interaction and engagement, but at the same time, are independently researching through over 90% of the buying process, how are you supposed to build a relationship with them and guide them to purchase?

To break into their research phase and begin building that valued human-to-human relationship, you need a lead nurturing campaign that unites your sales and marketing team. Nurture your leads with the right information and working collaboratively, both sales and marketing, to ensure you’re driving your prospects in the right direction.

Bottom of the Funnel Activity

You’ve turbo-charged your way to the bottom of the funnel, and the end is in sight. Your prospects are qualified, but the question remains whether they are ready to convert to sale, or slip back into the funnel.

Turbo-charging your way to sales success is all about providing your prospects with the right offer and your sales team with the right information, to effectively speed up and close the sale.

Get each stage right, align these with your overall strategy and your business will reap the benefits.

About Ali Liaquat

Ali is an award winning growth hacker and digital marketer. He has been featured by various news media outlets, including Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Social Times, Crunch Base, MarketingProfs, Inc Magazine, and few others. Received Innovation & Excellence Award in 2015 from Corporate LiveWire, UK.

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