What is Social Whizz and How To Become One?

You might have heard this term “Social Whizz” as its trending these days over the internet. Now you might be wondering what is Social Whizz, what does it exactly mean, and if it’s something really cool then how can you become a Social Media Whizz?

Social Whizz (aka. Social Media Whizz) is someone who is extremely clever at social media marketing.

Sounds something really cool, right? Now you must be thinking “Alright, how I can become a Social Media Whizz now” – Well, it’s not a rocket science, but it does require consistency, determination and patience.

Below, I have listed down some questions that you need to ask yourself before you start taking action.

Tip: Link everything up! Each platform you use should have links to your other social media accounts, so people can choose what suits them best. ‘If you’re everywhere, share it everywhere,’

  • Know your audience. Who are they? Where are they? ‘If your market is worldwide and you are tweeting from nine to five, you’re ‘losing half your people already’. ‘What platform do they live on?’
  • What do you want from your audience? Feedback, sales, networking? This will point to what you need to share when you post and tweet.
  • Work out which social media platforms are best for your business. Pick three or four; don’t spread yourself too thinly. For example, Pinterest is very visual so is ideal for promoting art and fashion. Facebook is suited to promoting events. LinkedIn is for networking and recruitment – you can find someone’s Twitter username via their LinkedIn account. Why not set up a YouTube channel and include small clips of yourself – creating your product, at a stand at a fair, or giving tips. ‘You don’t have to be mega professional.’
  • Take a look at how your competitors are faring online. See what platforms are working for them and pick the good bits.
  • What are you talking about? Content is the information that your business will share. Plan your content on a calendar. For example, if you had a stall at Friday Festival, you’d promote it on a Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, two weeks beforehand.
  • What makes you special? Successful social media is all about passion. What is that special thing that you’ve got to show off?
  • Most importantly, after all this effort, you need to monitor the responses via Hootsuite, TweetDeck, HubSpot and/or Google Analytics. ‘Social media is evolving all the time, You need to keep up with what’s happening.’

Don’t give up! Until you have a certain number of Social Media followers, you won’t get likes, Retweets and Comments. You have to keep plugging away at it.

About Ali Liaquat

Ali is an award winning growth hacker and digital marketer. He has been featured by various news media outlets, including Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Social Times, Crunch Base, MarketingProfs, Inc Magazine, and few others. Received Innovation & Excellence Award in 2015 from Corporate LiveWire, UK.

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